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It's a love story.

I am a photographer, graphic designer and videographer that became seriously disillusioned with my future and my career back In 2004.


I struggled through an increasingly stressful lifestyle of working most of my waking hours and then drinking to tolerate those long hours. I was becoming a depressed drunk prick spiralling downward into oblivion. Then one day a brutal work situation brought me to tears and smacked some sense into my fuzzy head forcing me to make a life-changing decision. After quitting my life, selling everything I owned and buying a big black backpack, I set off around the world with a camera, a thick notepad, a new positive attitude and absolutely no plans for my future. 


The ohronniewhereartthou? book is a year of stories about freedom, danger, drugs, prostitution, death threats, friends, beer, frogs, sharks, jumping from planes, extortion, Sweet Sandra, dirty laundry, scams, bribes, shitting in the woods, ... it’s a love story!


The stories come from a website that I had created for my family to know my whereabouts during the year. grew into a travel site that had thousands of followers enjoying the mindless drivel that I added every few days as I drank and fumbled my way through 24 countries and 85 cities. As a self-proclaimed inexperienced dumbass of travelling and of the world in general, I was just as surprised as anyone that I had survived a year alone without researching any of the destinations that I landed in. Without a cellphone and with only the odd internet cafe available, I was able to upload to the website letting my family, friends and followers know what latest bout of trouble I had gotten myself into.

Ron Sumners




I never thought i’d miss your constant vulgar disgusting way of communicating but yeah, everytime i get your e-mail i chuckle out loud many times reading it and again through the rest of the day.


Durga Mistry • Toronto, Canada



Iisten buddy, i'm sure it's nothing - you probably just caught some weird infection from the seahorse or something. but definitely check it out. if it is anything they can probably just give you penicillin and it'll clear it up right away…


Cristine Giampaolo • Toronto, Canada

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