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i like to write, so here's some various mumbo jumbo...

I don't think of myself as a writer – only as someone who enjoys pushing words together to dramatize a bunch of events that I have lived through. Below are some old and new experiences plus a few paragraphs from my huge glorious travel / love story book that I put together from my year of midlife crisis back in 2005. My large misplaced ego needs an outlet, so here it is...




“You look unusually fit and young. When you take some photos. I think you are 

professional. You are bouncy!”


Zhang Miao • Beijing, China



“i am hauled up in the computer labs at Univerity working on some horrid law assignment which i am pretty sure is close to sucking every bit of life out of me. Got the email from you though and god it made me laugh. You inadvertantly revived a poor washed out aussie girl thanks to your drunkeness - how grand! Hope your well and that the travels are totally awesome!”


Erin Cosgrove • Australia

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