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I had a dream...

The majority of my dreams are violent horror shows. Not sure why, it's been that way for as long as I can recall.

I glanced around in awkward slow motion, my head turning painfully like it was struggling through transparent pudding, and my every movement restricted by invisible sludge. Animated things around me shaped like people ran amok screaming and crying, darting in every direction, unsure of which area to move towards in the massive square concrete building. We were all trapped in a door-less, windowless industrial cavern of concrete with harsh fluorescent tube lights suspended from the high ceiling above.

Their faces were obscured from their quick panicked movements, their arms flailing insanely above their wailing heads. They splashed through filthy dark water that seemed to be rising slowly, just reaching knee level. Their screeching and whining was inaudible, the sound vibrations only loud inside my head. Their cries for help went unheard by anyone but me. I was weirdly calm, moving leisurely through thick toilet liquid and the chaos of twenty or thirty horrified people towards what I now saw as the only way out of this hollow asylum.

Through their hurried movements I saw a wall had transformed into a large passageway through to another room waiting around a corner. Between this room and the next was a brightly lit gymnasium-sized hallway. Standing in the hallway were ten or so randomly positioned human-shaped abominations waiting still and lifeless, their torsos contorted strangely with their arms thrust out in front of them. Gleaming double-edged blades grew out of the stumps where hands normally were. As I involuntarily moved closer and towards what seemed the only exit past the unmoving monstrosities, I became aware of the saturating blood and strips of flesh stuck to the clothing and skin of the motionless things. Their faces were featureless and blurry, their blades brighter and larger as I was pushed closer. The hysterical beings around me began to run towards the bloodied statues, attempting to pass by them to the other end. Instantly, their bodies exploded from the hacking and stabs of the knives, redness spewed like exploding fireworks, the immobile mutants coming alive and ripping apart anything that was within their reach. Their slashing and knife thrusts were barely visible from the speed, as if an unseen puree button somewhere on their torso was suddenly pressed.

Then in a brutal instant, once the shredded remains of the frantic hit the dirty water, the things froze back to their original disturbing stance. Bloody mincing erupted everywhere, all around me, as I inched onward through the human-like food processors. All the people around me were torn up, their life fluid showering on me like a calm walk in a warm rain. I was moving closer to one of the hackers, their drenched and gut-caked body was motionless, dripping gore from the frenzied attack moments ago. I was floating, unable to stop my advance – screaming didn't help as my mouth wouldn't open. I entered its perimeter of reach – my skin tightened awaiting the plunge of the first blade - but nothing, I slipped past un-mutilated. Then past the next, and the next, until I left the horror briefly behind me. I was at the entrance to another hallway, a curved square leading around a dark corner. Some others had also made it through, and swiftly darted pass me and into the dark. I heard heavy splashes just ahead of me, just as I took a step and slipped down a black slide into a deep grey concrete box filled with bloody water. There was nothing to grasp, nothing to hold on to, just a slippery smooth wall that I tried desperately to claw. Deep below the water's surface was a small tunnel to swim into - the only way out. What was on the other side was unknown.

I reluctantly followed the others diving down through the warm redness and into the dark hole.



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